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Mike's Golf Carts offers Georgia's best priced golf cart batteries. You won't find a better deal on golf cart batteries right now! 

While our immediate service area is Macon, Warner Robins, Perry, and Middle Georgia, we regularly have faithful customers drive to Mike's Golf Carts from Atlanta, North Georgia, South Georgia, Florida, and Alabama because they know of our commitment to quality and our commitment to offering the best prices for our golf cart customers.

Our golf cart battery sale only lasts as long as supplies last so come by soon!

If you have an electric-powered golf cart, batteries are a very important part of your cart. With proper care, a set of batteries should last an average of 4-5 years or even several years longer.


To learn about how to care for your batteries, see Trojan's video below.


We carry Trojan Batteries, which are the best of the best. Trojan pioneered the first deep-cycle golf car battery in 1952 and continues to offer the best golf cart battery on the market today.

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