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We have specially trained technicians for both gas golf carts and electric gas carts. From battery changes to complete refurbishing, we can handle it. We even repair chargers. If your cart is not running like it used to, or not running at all, drop it off for us to take a look. Also bring it by for your regular golf cart servicing.

Regular Service

Electric Golf Cart Service


  • Check & fill batteries

  • Surface battery post

  • Install new cables as needed

  • Spray batteries with corrosion protectant

  • Check all electrical components

  • Check tire condition

  • Check air pressure & inflate to proper PSI

  • Check front end components and alignment

  • Grease all grease fittings

  • Check brake operation

  • Check all safety systems

  • Wash and clean cart

Gas Golf Cart Service


  • Clean engine

  • Examine engine for any visible oil leaks

  • Change engine oil and filter

  • Check and adjust valve clearance

  • Examine belt wear on starter and drive belt

  • Adjust starter belt tension

  • Install new spark plug(s)

  • Install new air filter

  • Install new fuel filter

  • Load test battery

  • Check charging system

  • Coat battery with protectant

  • Inspect directional cables

  • Check tire wear

  • Check front end alignment

  • Inflate tires to proper PSI

  • Check steering components

  • Grease all grease fittings

  • Check operation of brakes

  • Check all safety items

  • Wash and clean cart

Golf Cart Repair

Golf cart not working properly? 

We've got you covered! You can rely on our expert golf cart technicians and mechanics to diagnose your issue and resolve your problems. We take great pride in our golf cart service and repair. Our customers trust our staff because of our commitment to you.

Repair Background.jpg
No appointment needed for service.
Call now to inquire about repairs for your golf cart.
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