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Headlights on a Golf Cart. Do I Need Them?

Golf Cart with Headlights

I recently heard someone say, "Why would anyone need headlights on a golf cart? They shouldn't be playing golf in the dark anyway!"

That kind of makes sense....if golf carts were only used on on a golf course.

These days golf carts are used just as much off the course as on the course. People use golf cart in their neighborhoods, in their backyards, hunting, fishing, for utility and work purposes, and some cities even allow golf carts to be used downtown. In Peachtree City, GA, there are entire lots designated for golf cart parking at the local high school for the students!

So, back to the question. Do I need headlights on my golf cart?

It all depends on how you would use your golf cart.

1) Work Use- Many people use their golf carts as utility vehicles to help do yard work around the yard. If you're like me, if you have a job to do, you don't stop until it get's done. That might mean working well into the evening. The golf cart headlights would be a useful feature for you.

Golf Cart Flip Seat

(Shown here is a flip seat that folds down flat to make it a utility vehicle.

Mike's Golf Carts can convert your cart.)

2) Wooded area- Maybe you use your cart in a wooded area by your lake house. Remember, in wooded areas when the sun goes down it will get darker sooner. The trees block the sun's visibility. The headlights would come in handy here.

3) Street use- Typically for a vehicle to be used on the street, it must be equipped with headlights and taillights, among a list of other requirements. You would need to check with your local city ordinances regarding street use for your golf cart in your area.

Mike's Golf Carts can install headlights on your golf cart. We also already offer gas golf carts and electric golf carts already equipped with lights. Take a look at our inventory to see what it availability. Just give us a call if you think you'd get better use of your cart with them and we'll make it happen.


We are located in Perry, GA at 2434 Hwy 341 N.

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