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Checklist: Considering Buying a Golf Cart

Golf Cart Checklist Mike's Golf Carts Georgia

If you are reading this blog post, you are likely interested in the buying process for a golf cart. We, at Mike's Golf Carts, want to help guide you to get the best golf cart for you and your family or workplace.

Here are a few things to consider:

New or Used Golf Cart


New golf carts have no wear and tear so you are guaranteed to get a longer lifespan out of your cart. Warranties are also usually longer. Your cart will still have that beautiful shine on it.


The cost of a used cart is the single greatest benefit. Since it is used, the price will drop. You may not get exactly what you want on your cart, but you could possibly customize it with accessories.

Gas or Electric Golf Cart

There are pros and cons to both:

Gas Pros & Cons

Pro: All day use. No need to charge after a few hours. No worries about finding an outlet to charge. Fill the gas tank and go.

Con: Gas Golf Carts are a little bit louder. Because it uses gas, there will be some exhaust.

Electric Pros

Pro: Electric Golf Carts are so quiet you can barely hear them. That is GREAT for hunting. Acceleration is smooth. You don't have to worry about keeping and pouring fuel.

Con: You have to watch the water levels in the batteries and charge regularly.

What is the Primary Use?

Have an idea in your mind of how you might want to use your golf cart. That will help determine what kind of cart you need.




street use



What Accessories are Needed?

Depending on your particular needs and desires for your golf cart, you might want different accessories. Here are some to think about:

Lift kits- Will give you a bit more height off the ground to drive over brush, etc. Many people get their cart lifted just for the great look.

Rear flip seat- This add-on seat gives room for two more people on the cart, or you can flip it down and make it a utility bed

Cargo box- This add-on will be if you primarily intend to make this a work cart. The cargo box will be a huge help for you.

Head & tail lights, blinkers- All of these are needed to make your cart street legal. Check with your local government to see all requirements to take your cart on the road.

Winch- A great addition to do some big pull jobs for you. Put that cart to work!

Wheels and tires- If you take it off-road you might want more suitable tires. If you like to cruise your neighborhood, you may want to get some stellar wheels to show off. Either way, we offer a great selection of golf cart tires and wheels at the best price in Georgia.

Windshield- Keep the bugs out of your mouth and the rain off of your lap with a foldable windshield.

Usb chargers- Keep your device charged as you ride.

Light bars- These LED bars are great for powerful luminance when you need it.

Sound bar- Equip your golf cart with a sound system to listen to tunes while you cruise.

Whatever you are looking for, Mike's Golf Carts wants to help you get the perfect golf cart for you. Come by our lot today to look at our inventory and speak to our experienced golf cart staff.

Mike's Golf Carts

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