Best Way to Clean My Golf Cart Windshield

October 20, 2016



Best Way to Clean My Golf Cart Windshield


First, know that the windshield on your golf cart is not made out of the same material as your car windshield. Your vehicle windshield is usually glass. A windshield on a golf cart is typically made out of acrylic or polycarbonate. 


Using standard cleaning chemicals on your golf cart windshield could damage your windshield, so take precaution before you begin cleaning.


Glass cleaners and even insect repellant can cause fogging on your windshield and will limit the lifespan on the windshield. Save your money and take care of it up front!


Never use newspaper, paper towels, or any hard material to wipe your windshield.


Always use a soft rag. 


Start with warm, soapy water. That should do the trick most of the time. If you need something more substantial, do an online search for a golf cart windshield cleaner. 

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